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Who is Kia?

Oct 4, 2019Blog

Against all odds

Kiana had all things set against her. From childhood disadvantages, to her battle with her disability, and much more. Nobody thought she’d amount to much: becoming a teenage parent had the reaction she’d expected – an eye roll. Little did they know, it was a fire in her belly that had been lit.

From the moment her son was born, Kiana found herself fighting…for rights, for equality, for something better. She was tired of facing closed doors, either because she was disabled, a parent, or on a low income. How wrong everyone was to think Kiana would settle for being another statistic.

It began with breaking the cycles she’d been raised in. It led to community work for other teenage parents, which earned awards. It continued with representing those parents nationwide. More awards. It furthered with a deep passion to create change, and oh how she should be awarded still.

No doctor could tell her to stop destroying her body and slow down, no person could tell her being a mother would be her failure. Stronger has she grown, into the inspiration she is today. Not only does she work tirelessly to support other parents, without a wage, but she reinvests every penny from her eco business – where she commits to support further change – to bridge the gap for low income families.

Kiana wouldn’t let motherhood, childhood, disability or low income stop her from being empowered to change. Now she spends every spare moment she has to provide the same to the residents of Derbyshire.

This women lives for change. Where there is a parent in need of support, Kiana offers, for nothing in return. She has effected so many parents in the most positive of ways and plans to continue, growing bigger and stronger. Is there any stopping her?

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