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There are so many slings, and so many recommendations, it can feel rather confusing on where to start. We have a library full of various slings for you to try at a low cost, rather than spending more on a sling that doesn’t work for you.

We have some fantastic blogs on why slings are so different from person to person – scroll down to have a read. We offer advice with no obligation to hire, and our trained consultant can even visit you in the comfort of your own home.

After a brief conversation, we are able to narrow the search down to just two or three slings that we are confident will suit your requirements, thanks to our years of experience and training.

If you have a baby on the way, you can even reserve a sling online!

Try before you buy

You can choose from a variety of brands and styles to see what works for you. Reserve online or book a 1:1 consultation.

Sling Library

We offer a variety of services for babywearing including home visits, group workshops and more. Book with our consultant at a time that suits you.

Eco Store

We only buy from ethical companies, using sustainable materials, who are environmentally conscious. Our profits support the local community.

You Can Book Us

If you are not sure where to start, fear not! We offer consultations and no obligation support. You can book a 1:1, or drop in to The PoD.

Join our group

We have a lovely online group of like minded parents who can help support you too! Be the first to see offers, new products and exclusive competitions.

Carrying and Pregnancy

It’s a question we hear often, and a worry you understandably have. Will carrying affect getting pregnant, or a pregnancy that has already begun? The widely accepted view is that, if you have managed to get pregnant whilst carrying, then your body is happy under those...

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Facing outwards in a sling

Is it ok to face outward in a sling? This is a heated and sensitive topic in the babywearing world. Ask in a Facebook group and you’ll get mostly two polar opposite answers: ‘I did and my baby is fine’, or ‘omg you should never do that’. In the babywearing profession,...

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When can I back carry?

Oops we haven't posted this one yet! Please come back soon. Meanwhile, have you read this blog about the best slings ever?!  facebookinstagrampinterest

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