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NEW Caboo Lite



* Less fabric for a lighter, cooler carrying experience

* Soft, wide, comfortable straps distribute weight evenly

* Easy to adjust – simply pull fabric through rings to tighten

* No tying required

* Baby is held in the best M position for developing spine and hips (frog-legged)

* Supports baby from their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support

* Anchored cross reduces strain on wearer’s shoulders and back

* Multiple hands free carrying options including hip position for older babies

* Allows for discreet seated breastfeeding

* Wrap contains new intricate camo print pointelle design

* Naturally complies with the T.I.C.K.S for safe carrying

* One size fits most

70% cotton 30% Polyester.


Caboo lite is a much-loved entry level baby carrier. Its streamlined design makes it the perfect option for newborns. It’s lighter to wear and store, and easier on parent’s pockets too!

With its soft, supportive and lighter fabric, the award-winning Caboo lite baby carrier is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to use, with no tying or buckles. It is ergonomically designed to offer the perfect support for your little one, giving them the best possible carrying position from birth and beyond, for hours of enjoyment and ‘hands free’ fun whatever your day has in store.

The soft wide straps distribute baby’s weight evenly across both shoulders whilst the reinforced back panel gives added support. Easy to put on by yourself and to adjust, simply pull through the rings to tighten, with no tying or fiddly buckles. It has multiple hands-free positions, including discreet seated support when breastfeeding and a hip position for older babies. The straps support your baby from their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support and baby is held in the recommended ‘frog legged’ or ‘M’ position to fully support their developing hips and spine. Naturally complies with the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for safe carrying.

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