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Can’t put my baby down

Help! My baby won't let me put him/her down! Sound familiar? That clever little bean of yours is doing what's he/she is naturally designed to do. You see, a developed spine has four curves (cervical, lumbar, thoracic and sacral). A side view means it looks a little...

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Sun shades or death traps?

It's hot. The sun burns. And naturally you want to shade your baby. NOT WITH A BLANKET. Or even a light cover, a muslin for example. I understand the thinking, but here's what you missed. Oxygen. The sun is kept out, so is airflow. Your baby needs oxygen. They breathe...

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Passionately P’d Off

Hello and welcome to Cariad Babi. Before you ask, nope, I’m not Welsh – I just would love to live in Wales! Cariad Babi translates to ‘baby love’. It also sounds a little like ‘carried baby’ – well it does in our Derby accent anyway! I officially started Cariad Babi...

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Informed Choices

It’s a ‘CAR’ seat!

I don't mean to wizz anyone off but it really is a seat designed for the CAR. If you're not travelling in a vehicle, car seats are not the ideal transport for your baby due to “restricted postural options which can impact your baby’s developing cranium and spine”...

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Facing outwards in a sling

Is it ok to face outward in a sling? This is a heated and sensitive topic in the babywearing world. Ask in a Facebook group and you’ll get mostly two polar opposite answers: ‘I did and my baby is fine’, or ‘omg you should never do that’. In the babywearing profession,...

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The best sling ever!

Which sling is the best? One of my most asked questions. Tula is the best. Lennylamb too. And Integra. Wraps are the best. They are all the best, for somebody! Let me ask you – which pair of jeans are the best? We all have that really comfortable, never fails us, pair...

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Heat, Holidays and Babywearing…

Babywearing in the hot weather brings about many worries and questions. Here we will try to help reassure you. Can I use a sling in hot weather? Absolutely! Did you know that mother and child can thermoregulate? The body adapts to the heat which makes sense when we...

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Fluff Stuff

I had no choice but to use cloth

Dear Mrs Carrington-Roberts. Congratulations! You have been cured from your lifelong disability. You no longer suffer chronic pain, nor struggle to get dressed, or socialise. Your life is radically changed, you can do everything any other person can do. We have fixed...

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Types of cloth nappy

So you read about the waterproof and absorbent part and you've had time let it sink in? No? Missed it? Go back a step - this way! Or scroll down to read about the absorbent part.Nappy systems have different names but just explain how the two components we've...

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Cloth Nappies explained

So you read about the waterproof part and you've had time let it sink in? No? Missed it? Go back a step - this way! Or scroll down to read about the absorbent part.The absorbent part of a cloth nappy is designed to do one thing only - soak up the excretions from your...

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Help! Cloth Nappies!

Wondering where to start with cloth nappies? Tried Google? As a newbie to cloth, it can be very overwhelming. Here I shall try and help break it down.There are essentially two main parts to cloth nappies: something waterproof and something absorbent. They can each...

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