Cloth Nappies

Great for your child’s skin, and the future of our world

Thinking of using cloth nappies?

Did you try a search on the internet, or have a read through social media, and find yourself overwhelmed with information? We did the same thing many years ago! Sadly, we then bought lots of nappies that actually didn’t work for us in the end, and had lots of troubleshooting issues that could’ve been easier to resolve. I kept thinking, surely, cloth shouldn’t be this hard?

And slowly the cloth nappy library began. How are we different from other lenders? We don’t just lend you a ‘bucket load’ of nappies, take your money and send you on your way. We offer 1:1 demonstrations where we explain the differences by showing you, and having the physical nappies to compare. We try to explain it in manageable sized pieces of information, and offer an unlimited amount of support. Our prices are also incredibly low! We feel passionately about making Eco choices fairly accessible, and not exclusive to income.

Furthermore, we include nappies in our kits that we don’t even retail in our store – because we recognise that you may like nappies that we chose not to sell, and we aren’t here for the profit, we are only here to help. That said, buying from us really does help support other parents and is a vital part of our business!

Whether that’s answering a question you remembered at 1am (if we are awake!), seeing you in The PoD 100 times, or texting. However you need help, we do our absolute best to accommodate.


Try before you buy

For a small fee, you can try a variety of brands and styles to see what works for you. Reserve online or join our waiting list.

Nappy Library

We offer two different kits: newborn and birth to potty. Each kit has a variety of nappies, plus everything else you could need.

Eco Store

We only buy from ethical companies, using sustainable materials, who are environmentally conscious. Our profits support the local community.

You Can Book Us

If you are not sure where to start, fear not! We offer a nappy demoinstration and no obligation support. You can book a 1:1, or drop in to The PoD.

Join our group

We have a lovely online group of like minded parents who can help support you too! Be the first to see offers, new products and exclusive competitions.

I had no choice but to use cloth

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Types of cloth nappy

So you read about the waterproof and absorbent part and you've had time let it sink in? No? Missed it? Go back a step - this way! Or scroll down to read about the absorbent part.Nappy systems have different names but just explain how the two components we've...

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Cloth Nappies explained

So you read about the waterproof part and you've had time let it sink in? No? Missed it? Go back a step - this way! Or scroll down to read about the absorbent part.The absorbent part of a cloth nappy is designed to do one thing only - soak up the excretions from your...

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