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I had no choice but to use cloth

Dear Mrs Carrington-Roberts. Congratulations! You have been cured from your lifelong disability. You no longer suffer chronic pain, nor struggle to get dressed, or socialise. Your life is radically changed, you can do everything any other person can do. We have fixed...

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The best sling ever!

Which sling is the best? One of my most asked questions. Tula is the best. Lennylamb too. And Integra. Wraps are the best. They are all the best, for somebody! Let me ask you – which pair of jeans are the best? We all have that really comfortable, never fails us, pair...

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Heat, Holidays and Babywearing…

Babywearing in the hot weather brings about many worries and questions. Here we will try to help reassure you. Can I use a sling in hot weather? Absolutely! Did you know that mother and child can thermoregulate? The body adapts to the heat which makes sense when we...

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Huge gratitude to all of our backers with our recent fundraiser. Special thanks to the team at Slumber Roo for their generous donation and ongoing support!

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