The PoD

The Parents of Derby

What is The PoD?

It is a city centre location for all services to run from, regardless of funding status. In a time of cuts, we shouldn’t suffer a lack of support. Cariad Babi funds this space using profits from our Eco store.

We have baby groups, support groups in mental health, infanct feeding, clothing banks, cake clubs and more, all waiting to use The PoD.

What’s the hold up? Funding, ironically. This project has been funded entirely by one mum! In order to take it to the next level, to support hundreds of parents, we need your help!

How can you help?

The biggest way right now, is to help with our crodwfunder. Be it £1, or £1000, every penny helps. Sharing helps too!

Want to use The PoD?

Have a group or business providing services to parents already? Perhaps you’re thinking of starting one? The PoD will be available to everyone.

Join our waiting list here.

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